Seattle Parking App Reviews

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Worst. App. Ever

I wish I had researched these reviews before I spent two bucks. What a ripoff!


This app ripped me off and I want my money back

ripped off

I just got ripped off! App does not work, screen locks up every time I launch it. didn't anyone test this app before putting a price on it?

Doesn't work

Save your two bucks -- this app doesn't even open

Terrible app

This app was terrible. It was a total waste of money. I wish I could get my money back.

App is a Dud

This app does not load. I wish I would have read the reviews. Chalk the $1.99 up to the cost of education. Do not buy this app.

Latest update is crap.

I get blank screens when I try to use the app. There are updates of data available, but when I try to load, it doesn't understand the data. I've gotten no response from the makers of this app. That's garbage. Stay away from an app maker who's incompetent and non-responsive.


Needs more updates!


Awful and worthless. The information is so outdated that it's useless. I got robbed when I paid for this app.


Did you notice all reviews are dated 9/3/10? App is worthless . Data has not been updated since 8/2010!

Awesome App!

Great app and would recommend this to anyone who lives in Seattle and hates getting overcharged by parking garages.

Honest Review Seattle Parker

I live and work in Seattle and can honestly say this is a must have app. This app can do it all - Find the lowest price garage based on your location - Find the meter rates and street parking restrictions - Find train stations and schedule - FInd my car feature with ability to save voice, note, and picture - Timer with push notifications - Craigslist parking search I have contacted the Mobile Parking to ask a question and they were very helpful. They also said in the next update they will be partnering with garages to offer coupons and discounts.

Swiss Army Knife to Parking

App does a good job especially because I can't find another app that has all this information this app does. The different features are a great value add and would probably pay $5 for this app. The only reservation I would have is the layout is OK and could be improved. But very good first run at it hope to see updates in the future.


Thank you! that pretty much sums it up. I started my own business and about 2-3 a week I have to go downtown to meet with clients. Finding a parking spot is a real pain but with this app its so much easier now. I use to have to leave 30 mins beforehand just to find a spot. With this app I can find a spot and for the best price within minutes. Can't wait to see whats next for this app.

3 apps in 1

Ok, I dont review a lot of apps because it takes too long but for this app I will make an exception. This app is great and is 3 apps in 1. The app has parking garage rate info, public transportation schedule, and a find my car locator. Keep up the great work!

Very helpful!

I love this app!! I live outside Seattle and work in downtown. Used this app to find a early bird special and was able to save $24 a week now.

Saved money $$$

I can actually say I saved money with this app. I used the meter rate information and the place I was headed was right on the border of $2/hr and $1/hr so I parked a few blocks away and saved a couple of dollars. The real money I saved was when I set the timer and got an alert to move my car. I moved my car and as I was doing it saw the meter maid headed my direction. This app saved me from a $50 parking ticket. Cool app

Good App

I saw this in iTunes the day it came out and decided to purchase it even though I was hesitant because I usually don't buy apps. Well my first reaction was WOW. This app does a lot more than you could imagine. Me and my husband were headed downtown for dinner. With this app we found the lowest cost garage in the area. When we parked we used the find my car feature just in case we forgot where we parked. Overall very good first run and excited to see new updates.

I'm impressed

I love all the features this app has. Used it the other day and found a garage near my location and saved $14 so $2 is definately worth it

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